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Welcome to Nextstep

The 21st of February 2017 it is time for nextstep, the annual career fair for students created by JIBS student association, JSA. The purpose of the fair is to connect students with companies and to create a platform for contact networks and future job opportunities. At the fair students will have the opportunity to talk to all the companies represented and to gain further knowledge about what the company has to offer in terms of work prospects.

During the fair day visitors will be able to participate in interesting and rewarding contact calls, seminars, workshops and lectures customised to further enhance the students’ competitive qualities and motivation. In addition to this, the first visitors will receive a goodie bag full of gifts.

What is Nextstep

Nextstep is the annual career fair, established by Jönköping International Business School for Jönköping University. The intention is to integrate local, national and global corporations with some of the most talented students within the fields of business, economics, engineering and communication. The eventful day consists of numerous of exciting lectures and collaborations with companies in order to prepare for a future professional work-life.

“Nextstep aims to be the most professional and well organized career fair in Sweden. The fair should reflect the international and entrepreneurial spirit of the school and all the companies that attend should feel that this is a recruiting event of an exceptionally high caliber.”

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Exhibitors Nextstep ’16


Nextstep’16 is proud to announce our exhibitors

  • “Nextstep gives you a great opportunity to establish contacts with your future employees. It could be a perfect start to a great career and the path to your goals. Come by PwC:s showcase and find out more.”

  • “Nextstep have been the peak during our year as a partner company at JIBS. The fair has been helpful in creating new contacts with the students, which in turn has given us the opportunity to inform them about what we can offer as a future employer. The contact calls we have had during nextstep have several times led to recruitment.”

    Grant Thornton
  • “Nextstep is an opportunity for EY to meet future employees and customers. It’s a way to create and expand our network”

  • “As a Key Partner to JSA, Nextstep is one of the most important activities for us to participate in, and we really appreciate the hard work that the students put in to make the fair as great as it is. We see Nextstep as an important link between business and education, and it is a great opportunity for us to meet students that could be our future colleagues and clients.”

  • “To retain our position as the relationship banking our part of the world SEB must attract, develop and retain the best people so that we can provide the best service and experience to our customers. We always look for the right person to be a part of the company and Nextstep is a good platform for it.”

  • “Deloitte is always looking for new talent. For us, Nextstep is an ideal platform to connect with students that truly wish to make an impact that matters. We are more than excited for the opportunity to meet so many future professionals and learn more about their goals and aspirations.”


  • Nordic Wellness

Nextstep Team ’16

The nextstep team consists of five different teams apart from the two project managers; Sales, Sponsor, Marketing, Event and logistics. As a member of nextstep, days, nights and weekends goes to ensuring the superiority of the fair and to making the best project possible.
Does the largest project within JSA sounds interesting to you? Do you want to boost your CV, gain great experience and increase you network of business contacts? Do you want all this whilst making friends for life? If so, apply for nextstep ‘17!

Ow-Li, mascot of Nextstep

For all of you who did not had the chance to know me yet, I am Ow-Li, the mascot of Nextstep. I am originally from China and moved to Sweden some years ago to support the fantastic Nextstep team. I love Jönköping and Sweden in general and since I feel super comfortable here I do not mind anymore that it is super cold!

If you are too shy to say hi, hug me or take a selfie at anytime you see me, you can make the first step via facebook and add me as friend. I will do my best to let you know what I am going to do next and sharing my best moments with you on my timeline.

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