20th of February 2018

Jönköping University's Annual Career Fair

What is Nextstep?

Nextstep is the annual career fair at Jönköping University arranged by students since 1994. Whereas local, national and international companies exhibit during the day, with the purpose to present their business and attract the most talented students at the university. During the career fair interesting meetings will be combined among with exciting guest lectures, workshops and contact calls.

Jönköpings International Business School(JIBS), associated with Jönköping University, was the first institution in Sweden to be announced a double accreditation of AACSB and EQUIS. By that JIBS belongs to the top of the 0,1 percent world’s universities having the same awards. JIBS also acquire a place number at 62nd out of 13 000 business schools in the world with the EPAS-accredited programs. Almost 2 000 students are registered at International Business School, where as 45 percent of those are international students. JIBS is known for its three watchwords internationalisation, entrepreneurship and responsible.

Enjoy the most international
career fair in Sweden

The fair reflects the international &  entrepreneurial spirit of the school and all the companies that attend should feel that this is a recruiting event of an exceptionally high caliber.

Contact Calls

Before the career fair, students have the chance to apply for contact calls. This service offers a personal conversation in a separate room between the company and the student, in order to communicate individual benefits and possibilities. The applications will be reviewed on beforehand of the companies, where they choose those students that are most suitable for its business. Nextstep will then schedule so that students are able to attend to several contact calls.

Guest Lecture

The fair is arranged among with various lectures that follows Nextstep’s theme of the day, with purpose to create inspiration and future possibilities for the students. The lectures will be held by companies during the fair at the International Business School. 


All exhibitors will be exposed in the magazine of Nextstep, where there will be information about each exhibitor as well as inspiring readings about the upcoming events. Everyone will also be exposed on Nextstep’s webpage and through Nextstep’s social medias.


The banquet will conclude the entire Nextstep-day, guest invitation will be sent to both companies representatives, the team of Nextstep and of course students from the university. A three-course dinner with entertainment and pleasant company is promised to be held in one of Jönköping’s most festive premises. The banquet will entertain and celebrate the success of the day as well as the future opportunities.

Experience Nextstep in 3 minutes

Latest News

Project Managers Nextstep ’18

Theodor & Paulina began their Nextstep journey last year as a part of the corporate relations team. With the knowledge and experience acquired, they decided they would be the one’s to take on the responsibility for continuing Nextsteps rapid growth to becoming the greaters students carreer fair in the world.

Theodor Truvé


“Besides from entrepreneurship my greatest passion is sports, I have played football since I was a child but after graduation from high-school I started playing golf instead and spent an entire summer on the golf course. Furthermore, I find it extremely entertaining to follow the evolution of e-sports. After years of playing computer games as a youth I have developed a great understanding of the importance of a well structured and functioning teamplay to achieve great results.”

Paulina Johansson


“I enjoy my work when I have many things to do at the same time,  to me stress is a good thing which generates a more effective working environment.

During my spare time I prefer to spend time at the gym, talk to my friends and family, or plan my next travel destination.”

Meet the managers of Nextstep ’18

Teodor Bjurling

Head of Corporate Relations

“Not many things are as stimulating as the feeling of solving a difficult challenge, that feeling is what keeps me searching for new challenges each day.”

Li Persson

Head of Event

 “I have a creative mind and I like coming up with new ideas and innovative approches.”

Olle Lilja

Head of Marketing

“Marketing is like an elegant dance where you always try to avoid stepping too hard on anyone’s feet. Luckily, I’m a good dancer”

Anna Blomquist

Head of sponsorship


Olof Nylander

Head of logistics

“I’m a passionate guy and when I commit to something I always get things done.”