Welcome to Nextstep

Nextstep is the annual career fair for students created by JIBS student association, JSA. The purpose of the fair is to connect students with companies and to create a platform for contact networks and future job opportunities. During the fair day visitors will be able to participate in interesting and rewarding contact calls, seminars, workshops and lectures customised to further enhance the students’ competitive qualities and motivation. In addition to this, the first visitors will receive a goodie bag full of gifts.

Nextstep ’18 is recruiting Team Managers

As a manager of Nextstep´18, you will be responsible for a group of team members and therefore skills in communication, organization and leadership are valuable for all managerial positions. As a manager your personal attributes include commitment and responsibility in order to encourage your team to reach the projects goal. As a part of Nextstep ’18, you will together with the team ensure that Nextstep´18 is going to be the greatest project of Jönköping University.

Read more about the different Manager Positions by exploring the rest of this post.

Head of Corporate Relations

We are looking for a responsible person with a passion for business to business sales and who is very comfortable with contacting both new companies and Nextstep’s current partners to sustain a good relationship. As head of corporate relations you will be working with a team of 3-5 people who together will contact and attract new partners for the fair. As head of corporate relations you will also be responsible for closing the deals with the companies and signing the contracts.

We value previous experience within sales but most importantly, a willingness to succeed.


Main tasks:

  • Managing the team of company coordinators
  • Contacting new and current customers
  • Closing the deals and providing the companies with contracts

Head of Marketing

We are looking for a person who is self-driven and has the ability to introduce new and creative ideas. You should also have the decisiveness to realize these ideas. As a Head of Marketing, you will be responsible for Nextstep´s marketing campaigns as well as the social Media. The marketing team will be representing Nextstep to the students and it is therefore very important that you are comfortable with speaking in front of bigger groups, and always do it with a positive attitude. As the Head of marketing, you are responsible to be aware of what every team is up to and find a way to market it in the best way possible.


     Main tasks:

  • Create and organize marketing campaigns
  • Responsible for social media

Head of Event

We are looking for a person who is able to think outside the box and come up with new, fun and creative ideas for the events. As the Head of Event you are responsible to lead and direct a team, make decisions and plan the events within Nextstep. The Head of Event must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication, excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
You must be capable of working well under pressure

Main task:

  • Researching markets to identify opportunities for events
  • Plan and book events
  • Identifying and securing speakers or special guests

Head of Logistics

As the Head of logistics you will organise and control the logistic areas, as well as manage CRM-systems, and hold responsibility of the Internal data. Understanding the whole project is therefore important so you can coordinate it effectively and compile information among all teams. In this role you will ensure that the right information is gathered and delivered on time. You may be involved in marketing, sales, and event procedures throughout the project. The Head of Logistics organises the storage and the distribution of goods. You will ensure the right products are delivered to the right location on time and at a good cost.

We would like to see a person who has good communication skills and a person with a passion for planning

Main task:

  • Allocate resources and manage staff
  • Use IT-systems to manage internal and external information.
  • Continually try to improve and develop project performance

Head of Sponsor

For the position head of sponsor, we are looking for person who has great communication and negotiation skills, someone that has a good feeling about what products students would appreciate and also which companies would benefit from being a sponsor partner of Nextstep ‘18. As the head of sponsor, you will be responsible for a team of three, the team’s mission is to remain in contact with our current sponsors and also find new exciting sponsors. Great communication skills is very important as head of sponsor, both to be able to convince and attract new sponsors, but also because will be working close to the marketing team and it is very important that they get constant updates on what needs to be promoted.


Main Task:

  • Follow-up on previous sponsors and see if they would like to participate again
  • Recruit new sponsor partners
  • Plan new creative events with Nextstep key partners (Together with event team)

Head of Graphic Design ***NEW***

Do you have a passion for filming, photography and editing? Welcome aboard! Nextstep ’18 has decided to add a new position in the management team this year and we are looking for a person to work together with the marketing and sponsor team. Your mission will be to create movies and posters for Nextstep ‘18. As the head of graphic design you will be allowed to choose by yourself if you would like to do the graphic design alone or if you would like to recruit a team.

OBS! If you are applying for this position, please attach earlier project to your application.


Main Task:

  • Create short commercial clips and event movies associated to Nextstep ‘18
  • Assist the marketing team if they come up with an movie idea.
  • Be Nextsteps main representative to Hype
  • Webmaster

Send your application with CV and a short presentation about yourself to recruiting@next-step.se no later than 30th of April.

Nextstep ’17 Aftermovie

Key Partners Nextstep ’18

  • “Nextstep gives you a great opportunity to establish contacts with your future employees. It could be a perfect start to a great career and the path to your goals. Come by PwC:s showcase and find out more.”

  • “Nextstep have been the peak during our year as a partner company at JIBS. The fair has been helpful in creating new contacts with the students, which in turn has given us the opportunity to inform them about what we can offer as a future employer. The contact calls we have had during nextstep have several times led to recruitment.”

    Grant Thornton
  • “Nextstep is an opportunity for EY to meet future employees and customers. It’s a way to create and expand our network”

  • “As a Key Partner to JSA, Nextstep is one of the most important activities for us to participate in, and we really appreciate the hard work that the students put in to make the fair as great as it is. We see Nextstep as an important link between business and education, and it is a great opportunity for us to meet students that could be our future colleagues and clients.”

  • “To retain our position as the relationship banking our part of the world SEB must attract, develop and retain the best people so that we can provide the best service and experience to our customers. We always look for the right person to be a part of the company and Nextstep is a good platform for it.”

  • “Deloitte is always looking for new talent. For us, Nextstep is an ideal platform to connect with students that truly wish to make an impact that matters. We are more than excited for the opportunity to meet so many future professionals and learn more about their goals and aspirations.”

  • ”This is the first time Nordic Wellness participating at the Next-Step fair and we are very excited and see this is a great opportunity to meet all of you students. If you are looking for a fun and challenging job with sales and service in focus, and that also wants to contribute to a healthier Sweden then you should visit us at the Next-Step fair.”

    Nordic Wellness