Nextstep Committee

Meet the committee responsible for the Nextstep career fair

Nextsteps committee of 2018 consist of 21 people working together to create value for the rest of the universitys students. The committee consists of of two project managers and six groups of expertise.

Since Nextstep is a project under JSA(Jönköpings Student Association), which is a non profit organization, theese people work without financial rewards but instead the satisfaction of providing the students a valuable career opportunity.

Project Managers

Theodor Truvé & Paulina Johansson

Corporate Relations

Simon Tyrén, Teodor Bjurling, Johan Andersson,

Anna Lundberg & Marcus Andersson

Event Team

Kristina Peric, Amanda Fridlund, Simon Lindquist,

Li Persson & Emma Svenler

Marketing Team

Olle Lilja, Fanny Nilsson,

Brandon Stewart & Gustaf Rystadius

Sponsor Team

Hilma Krantz, Matilda Warvne & Anna Blomquist

Logistics Team

Olof Nylander & Jonathan Nilsson