Competition for startup companies!


Free classic package for your startup!

Most startup companies experience economic struggles in their early stages, therefore we at Nextstep would like to help you build your corporate brand and meet over 3.000 students from all over the world, for free! 

We will therefore host a compeition for companies where the students at the University will vote for which of the applicants they would like to see at the fair! The competition is available for companies all over the world.

Send us your application to no later than the 11th of December(11/12-2017) to enter the competition.

The application should contain answers to the following question and a picture of your logo.

Who are you?

Provide us with a short text about the people working for the company and what your business idea is.

Why would you like to visit Nextstep?

Would you like to visit Nextstep as a marketing or recruitment opportunity?

Are you recruiting?

If what your startup needs to succeed is more employees, which area of expertise are you looking for?

Where do you see your company in 10 years?