Company and Fairhost application

Do you want to be a part of Nextstep?

Apply for company or fair host no later than 23rd of January.

Beeing a company or fair host means you help the Nextstep team during three days with everything from building the fair to welcoming all the companies and students.

Keep in mind that you have to be available from 19th of February – 21th of February.


As a company or fairhost you get an extraordinary opportunity to get in contact with companies.

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Private events

Participate in all the fun events such as a private night with mingle and sittning for company and fair hosts only!

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Exchange points

All our company and fairhosts are rewarded with 1 exchange point for their particiaption

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Reserved tickets

All our company and fairhosts get reserved tickets for the Nextstep banquet and afterparty so you don’t need to stand in line for hours!

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