PRESTEP is an event which helps students to prepare for Nextstep. During this event you will get professional help in how to present yourself when mingling with the companies at Nextstep in a lecture held by Career Center. You will also receive valuable insights concerning how to prepare for the awaiting world of business and entrepreneurship. To cover this we offer two interesting theme lectures in Brand Management and Entrepreneurship.

During the day, there will be a competition held of putting the bow tie on OwLi, where you can win nice prices, and we will start the day off by selling the tickets to the banquet on the 23rd. Be sure to be on time at 10.00, since the tickets sell out fast. At the end of the day, a mingle will be held at VOX Hotel, where there is an opportunity to meet our host companies.


Prestep will take place on the 16th of February 2016, in the JIBS lobby, between 10:00 and 16:00.


  • Lecture with Career Center on How to Succeed at Nextstep
  • Theme Brand Management with Unilever
  • Theme Entrepreneurship with members from Founders Alliance
  • “Put the right part on OwLi” competition with prices such as HV71 tickets
  • Ticket release for The Banquet.


10.00-11.00 Ticket sale Banquet and Afterparty in the JIBS Lobby
11.00-12.00 Theme Entrepreneurship – Founders Alliance in B1033
13.00-14.00 Theme Brand management – Unilever in B1014
14.00-15.00 Career Centre– ”How to succeed at Nextstep” in B2044