This years theme

“The Future is Ours.”

New for this year – we have a theme!
The inspiration for the released theme comes from the arising importance of sustainable thinking in our everyday life.

We as students, and all people contributing to the welfare of society are all responsible to think of social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability. Hence, the theme has been created to raise awareness of the fact that we create the future together as it belongs to us! 


We are so proud for this year’s collaboration with Ung Cancer! The social aspect of this year’s career fair has the purpose of bringing everyone together and work towards a stronger future.  


We in Nextstep believe that one key towards a sustainable society, is to have the environment in consideration in all actions. Therefore, we have chosen to serve vegetarian lunch for the exhibitors in a proud collaboration with Oumph.  


Nextstep Career Fair is the place of opportunities for all students to create and build their career. This is done through gathering a variety of different companies to Campus Arena for you to find your good match towards a next step.