Become a host!

If you did not have the chance to be involved in Nextstep, here is your chance!

During three days as a host, you will be part of building the fair, supporting the teams and make sure that the students and companies feel welcomed.

 As a host you get an extraordinary opportunity to get in contact with the companies. You will also participate in a sittning for hosts and the Next-family only, and get reserved tickets to the Nextstep banquet and afterparty!

All of our hosts are rewarded with 1 study abroad point, except if you get the chance to be Head of hosts, then you will receive 2 study abroad points. 

Head of hosts

As a Head of host, you will be granted more responsibility and attend meetings with the Nextstep team. You will serve as a middle-hand between the team and your group of fair hosts. It is expected for you to be available at additional times than the given dates.

Company host

As a Company host, you will be assigned a couple of companies to be under your responsibility. This includes greeting them, showing them to their booth, and be available to them at all times.

Fair host

As a Fair host, you will be assigned tasks given by your Head of hosts, such as handing out goodie bags, serving lunch, or being a driver for the day – picking up and dropping off companies.