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Nextstep Career Fair

18th of February, 2020

Nextstep Banquet

18th of February, 2020

If we could relive the past, we would!

11th of February, 2020

Prestep X Fredrik Reinfeldt!

Prestep 2020 – the official one-week-left until the fair!  This event has the purpose of sharing the Nextstep message and market the fair before the big day. For this, the team arranged a guest lecture, with no other than the previous Swedish Prime Minister and author, Fredrik Reinfeldt. This was an honor for us and the school since Fredrik has played a massive part of the Swedish Economy and parliament. It was interesting to hear his opinion about the future global developments. This was truly a day to remember and an event in the books!

24th of January, 2020

24th of January, 2020

Release Party!

We were beyond excited to celebrate one of the newer things about this year’s fair: The THEME Release Party! This night allowed the Nextstep Team to come close to all students and friends, while sharing one of the key aspects and impacts to why this year’s turned out the way it did. We got to celebrate this night by launching the theme a couple of weeks before the official fair, and therefore felt the energy passing through the room leading us up to the official day.

29th of November, 2019

Breakfast Workshop at VOX!

Friday the 29th of November, the Next-family invited 70 students to VOX hotel for an interesting breakfast-workshop. The event focused on personal branding, social media, and CV optimization. The day started with a breakfast buffé provided by VOX hotel, followed by an interesting lecture by Alexander Morad, which ended with a CV review by professionals at Poolia. One of our  team members, Catherine, provided CV-photography in order to fulfill the perfect CV for all students who came to the event.

20th of November, 2019

Survive fall with the Next-family!

During fall 2019, we held a BBQ-event at Jönköping University where we handed out hotdogs and other delicious treats from our great sponsors. We had many hungry and talkative visitors throughout the whole event – which we thought was awesome!

Nextstep Aftermovie 2019