Frequently Asked Questions

“What is a contact call?”

Contact calls are private appointments between a student and a company representative. It is a great chance for you to get in contact with a future employer, ask questions about the organization or the possibilities for an internship.

“What is a host?”

A host means that you are a part of the career fair and a part of the Nextstep team. You will be part of building the fair, supporting the different teams, and make sure that the students and companies feel welcomed. This years fair will go digital, and therefore we will not have hosts helping us this year.

“Does it cost anything to attend the fair?”

For students, no. For companies, yes. Please see “Contact us”.

“How do I get involved in Nextstep?”

Applications will open May 2021. You can always talk to this year’s team for more information. 

“When and where will the fair be held?”

This years fair will be held on the 2nd of March, at a digital platform called Graduateland. More details will come on our social media channels.

“Can I recommend a company for Nextstep?”

Yes! We are more than happy to recieve your recommendations. Please see “Contact us”.