You are invited to Nextstep! 

Being Project Managers of Nextstep 2021 is a ride that we will never forget. Just like everyone else, the pandemic has sent this year’s team on a roller-coaster of ups and downs, hope and frustration. However, we are beyond proud to present to you the final result, for the first time in Nextsteps history; a digital career fair!

This year’s fair will be like nothing seen before. It will provide all students of JIBS and Jönköping University with a unique opportunity to build their business network and take their next step towards their futures.

Nextstep 2021 is the 27th edition and we will remember it as the year where the team was more patient and hard-working than ever before. It is an understatement that this year’s fair would never have been possible without our 20 incredible members of the Next-family. They have put in so much hard work, again and again, as the conditions for Nextstep 2021 has changed.

Even though times have been hard for all of us this past year, we believe that now is the time to seize the opportunities brought to us. The future may seem uncertain or even scary. But we are ready and excited for the ride. Still, we rise.

If you and your company are interested to exhibit or take part in this years fair in any way, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Welcome to Nextstep March 2, 2021 – Still, we rise

Best regards,
Emelie Ramsö & Karl Norrman
Project Managers, Nextstep 2021